Sweet Love Writes Santa. Better Late Than Never.

Christmas is almost here and I haven't even sent my letter to Santa yet.

Dear Jolly-Red-Dude-With-White-Crumb-Catcher-And-Candy-Cane-Breath:

I've been a pretty good girl this year.

But not perfect.

It's just that I really struggle with replacing the empty toilet paper roll.

(Only in the bathroom with the holder that has the annoying plastic springy cylinder.)

Before you know it, the new toilet paper roll resting on top of the empty one is half gone.

I think about changing it next time.

Next time happens several more times and now there is 1/4 of a roll left.

Might as well wait for the new roll.

I'm just sayin'.

A few things I like from Etsy and beyond in case you have time to swing by my stocking:

Because I subscribe to the word of the day and love reference books. By Urban Dictionary.

Look out Peeps, there's a new mallow in the house. By thefoodsnob:

Vintage A & W stools to go around my counter:

Pretty sure I'll trip. But I'll do it with style:

Vintage Cinderella peeptoe pumps by mariesvintage.

Because I love love love this foursome to the moon and back:
Book from Amazon.

Because Theodore Geisel's art is right up my alley and a cloud factory is so seuss-like:

Speaking of art, etsy artist elloh is on the top of my list.

Her pop culture prints make me smile and feel nostalgic.

A couple favorites:

But Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa NOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Bob Ross has forever been able to stop me in my channel surfing tracks and hypnotize me with his soft, gentle voice.

And fro-head.

Last, but not least, I love this letterpress art print by YeeHaw:

Because it's choc full of goofiness and I'm obsessed with typography.

And if there's any room in my stocking, can you please throw in a spring-free toilet paper holder stand?

With Sweet Love,



My Vintage Addiction Interview

I had the honor of being featured in a kick-a$$ blog:

Check out this awesome blog featuring vintage everything, like the amazing room above.

A special shout out to Robin at The Fancy Lamb,

for being a contributor and interviewing me for this drool worthy blog.

Check out her shop for fun vintage finds. Such as:

To Charlie Brown. With Mean Love, Lucy.

Robin also recycles old vintage books into journals:

Rusty Pete journal, you make my heart go pitter pat!

I want to lick your candy blue surface.

And doodle all over your insides.

A fantastic old First Aid book.

Simple, colorful, bold graphics.

Robin is a girl after my own heart.


An Ugly. Vintage. Creep.

Dear Creepy-Clown-On-Thrift-Store-Shelf,

You scare me.

You are not coming home with me.

Maybe this guy will find you:

And eat you for dessert.