Creepy Creation

Up for grabs in my pretend store,

Ugly Love Vintage.

You can find it in Aisle 10,

Creepy Creations.

Next to the row of ceramic nipple mugs.

Three's Company in my mind:



Disturbing naked family.



Happy Sweetest Day!

I'm easily entertained.

Passed by this in a dinky town on Friday:

Sweet sign made me stop.

Door was locked. Not sweet.

Got a little snoopy.

Peeked in the windows.

Sweet mess:

Sweet skull. Lamp style:

Sweet duct taped sign:

I'm glad he's reasonable. Or will at least consider being reasonable.

Sweet familiarity to my home art spot:

Happy Sweetest Day from Sweet Love Vintage!


Sweet Love Giveaway!

One of the items in my shop is up for grabs for free!

Go to Cheri Root Photography Blog and make a comment. That's it! Then you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of 5 items after the end of 5 days.

Cheri is an amazing photographer that I met after she purchased a vintage letter R from my shop (3rd from the top left). She collects them and made this gorgeous photo montage:

So go! Scram! Go and comment on her kissable blog!


Weakness. The Happy Kind.

I have a strong dislike for "The Price Is Right" game show.

Come on down! So I can trip you and make you bleed, Price Is Right.

Who watches that show?

Game shows are not a happy weakness of mine.

Exception: Old Match Game reruns from the 60s.

Minus the host with creepy grin, Gene Rayburn.

Board games? Another story.

Other things that make me swoon:

Tiny little things
Art, art and more art
Funny bedheads
Licking the cake/muffin/brownie batter and frosting beaters. (Yes, I share with the kids)
Dogs in Halloween costumes
Old games
Family Guy
Vintage boots
Black and white cowhide
Elderly guys with suspenders
Old pick-up trucks
Quotes and song lyrics
A Cheerio dipped in butter and stuck to a bunch more Cheerios
Endearingly tacky restaurant decor
When the clock says 3:33 or 5:55 and making a wish
Starbuck's Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte
The smell of puppy breath
Lightning bugs
Marshmallow peeps
Thinking outside the box
Milkweed pods
People watching
Giving and receiving winks
Leftovers for breakfast
Blowing big bubbles with a wad of Hubba Bubba or Big League Chew
Itunes and Pandora
Old tin ceilings
A brand new pack of 64 crayons
Original vintage paintings

Oh, original paintings, why must I always want to rescue you?

I think this large, framed 1964 original painting is fantastic cool.

and it's pretty amazing when you look close up at the details and texture:

Although I appreciate it and think it cool, it's just not my style.

Is it yours?

For sale in the shop!




I can't watch horror movies.

I don't watch the news. That's a horror movie in itself.

I am a total scaredy-cat.

I won't even get into my fear of germs.

If I'm watching anything remotely scary I curl up in a ball and watch through my fingers with my eyes barely open. Sometimes I also plug my ears and say "ohmygodidonwannahearitsomethinsgonnapopoutanysecond" in a really annoying high pitched voice.

I could never go into a haunted house. Fake or real.

Yes, I believe in ghosts or spirits, whatever you want to call them. But mostly friendly ones.

Like Casper.

If I met a friendly ghost, it would still scare me.

The ironic part? I love Halloween.

I also love walking through graveyards to read the tombstones.

And I have a love/hate relationship with the movie "Silence of The Lambs".

But I really love decorating for Halloween.

With scary stuff. The dead bloody rat-in-a-trap next to my toilet makes me smile.

I love dressing up scary for Halloween too. Any excuse to make myself look completely different is so much fun.

My Halloween decorating on a budget: Old family black and white photos, old pharmacy bottles (in the shop!), vintage items, spray paint this and that, and purchase cheap novelty skulls, mice and spiders. Throw them in some jars and you're good to go. And the spider web stuff for a dollar is so much fun.

Happy October!!! Ooh ooh ooh, aah, aah, aah.