I can't watch horror movies.

I don't watch the news. That's a horror movie in itself.

I am a total scaredy-cat.

I won't even get into my fear of germs.

If I'm watching anything remotely scary I curl up in a ball and watch through my fingers with my eyes barely open. Sometimes I also plug my ears and say "ohmygodidonwannahearitsomethinsgonnapopoutanysecond" in a really annoying high pitched voice.

I could never go into a haunted house. Fake or real.

Yes, I believe in ghosts or spirits, whatever you want to call them. But mostly friendly ones.

Like Casper.

If I met a friendly ghost, it would still scare me.

The ironic part? I love Halloween.

I also love walking through graveyards to read the tombstones.

And I have a love/hate relationship with the movie "Silence of The Lambs".

But I really love decorating for Halloween.

With scary stuff. The dead bloody rat-in-a-trap next to my toilet makes me smile.

I love dressing up scary for Halloween too. Any excuse to make myself look completely different is so much fun.

My Halloween decorating on a budget: Old family black and white photos, old pharmacy bottles (in the shop!), vintage items, spray paint this and that, and purchase cheap novelty skulls, mice and spiders. Throw them in some jars and you're good to go. And the spider web stuff for a dollar is so much fun.

Happy October!!! Ooh ooh ooh, aah, aah, aah.

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