Bucks on walls.

Uncool. In my opinion, of course.

Hubby loves to hunt and we have a preserved antelope head mount in our basement.

I should mention that the above is not Hubby in picture. Nor is it our basement.

I'm generally not attracted to the black-rectangular-mask-over-face-with-XL-overalls-that-takes-pics-of -self-with-favorite-deer-mounts type.

But I bet this guy would have an entertaining garage sale.

I see Hubby's antelope head as a decorating challenge that I will make look cool.

Somehow. Someday.

Maybe I'll mix up the antelope head with these ghost mounts from Pedlar's Webstore:

Totally cool.

And fish mounts? Gag.

Unless they are these:
I would love a Mahi dolphin bull fish or Sailfish mount.

I think they would look amazing in a well decorated room.

Plus they are nostalgic for me.

My Papa (grandpa) caught one of each in his young years in Florida and they were mounted up at his cabin in Forest Lake.

Which has long been sold. And the memory is so faint, but it is there.

And Papa has been gone for a long time.

He lived to be like, 96 or something.

He just died of plain 'ol age.

With plain 'ol good taste in design.


New Prop Addition

Meet Salvador.

He's my new shop prop.

Look for him to appear in photos of items coming up.

He'll add some unexpected interest of the tacky but cool variety.

And a bit o' warm fuzzies.

Or, furries.

Now, meet Salvador's carcass:

He was my new shop prop.

And the culprit?

Bad dog.

Very. Bad. Dog.

At least I got a couple photos shot before Salvador plummeted into the jaws of death.


Damn Stinkin' Chairs

This damn stinkin' chair.

I love this chair.

I have a thing for chairs in general. Vintage ones.

I lugged this one home a while ago and can't find room for it.

I've been walking around it, stubbing my toes on it, and moving it from room to room.

Apparently stubbing my toes on one chair that I didn't need wasn't enough.

So I brought home this chair 2 days ago:

So awesome. So Anthropologie.

Except Anthropologie would have a price tag of $899.

Of course I can't find a spot for it.

And I've been walking around it.

And stubbing my toes on it.

Damn stinkin' chairs.


Adventures In Garage Saling

This is me:

With the "Yay!" face. Due to a garage sale high.

In the front seat of the car, sits the reason for the yay face:

I wasn't driving my normal old-beat-up-gas-hog SUV, so I had Hubby's small car.

This leaves me with not many options on where to put the things I buy.

Hubby's golf stuff takes up the entire trunk.

And the back seat had these two lovable critters:

Who, by the way, learned their usual lesson of the value of two dollars.

Critter #1 blew his dough on typical 9-year old junk. And then did the usual, "Please mom can I borrow money?" routine.

Critter #2 had a small meltdown when he couldn't afford the gun and the truck.

Dudes, when the money's gone, it's gone. And stubborn German mama doesn't cave.

There is a plus side of driving a small vehicle with clubs in the trunk and critters in the back.

I can't lug home any furniture.

I'm pretty sure I need a life size version of this to run around in:

I can totally see me in a vintage, rusty pick-up.

In girly pink. Or red. Or robin's egg blue. Now that I think about it, any color would do.

Now rewind to when front seat was empty. Here's how it went down.

The first sale I went to was choc full of antiques. Life is good. Yay face!

And then I drove by this house and stopped because of the clues:

Tacky yard ornaments, especially large plastic deer, almost always mean I will find something.

It's usually a good indicator that the inhabitants have stuff from the 60's laying around the house.

Or still on the walls.

And I was correct, as usual. Yay face! You'll see stuff in the shop very soon.

I also love seeing what people try to give away. And I'm not knockin' the free box by any means. In fact, I got an awesome pair of mittens and some cute bud vases in some free boxes today. Always look in the free box. Always.

But I have a li'l hunch it's gonna be tough to give this avocado green, energy hogging, dusty, dirty dryer away:

Sign should say, KICK ME.

And then there was the drunk guy house.

You can't see, but the guy in the garage at the "checkout" was loaded off his a$$.

It was 10:30 a.m.

He tried to talk me into buying some granite slabs.

Or should I say slur.

But I was really eyeing up the old rusty motorcycle he had for sale.

Kidding. I'm not the motorcycle type.

More of an old pink pick-up kind of girl.



Sweet Love Vintage has it's first stalker!

Hold your excitement.

It's only me.

I stalk myself.

Yep. Every day.


I type SweetLoveVintage in a google search and see what people are sayin'. If anything.

On a recent stalk I found this from blogger Selling Vintage,

"And then there's the quirky blog of Sweet Love Vintage. This girl is just adorable with her writing, really you can't help but love Sweet Love Vintage."


Someone thinks my writing is quirky and adorable?

I feel like my choppy writing style is like my mind.

A bit neurotic.

I suppose one could view that as quirky.

But adorable? Not so sure.

Now, this is adorable:

I so want to sandwich myself between these pb & j pillows from Etsy shop diffractionfiber.

Some more things I want from the talented world of Etsy:

This rockin' t-shirt featuring my favorite band of all time. From hellhoundvintage.

I also want to put this Command Z necklace around my neck. From Plastique:

I hit the Command Z button on my Mac on a regular basis.

I also wish I could hit the button and undo things not computer related.

Like when I eat several cupcakes in one sitting.

Command Z.

Speaking of cupcakes......

This Etsy miniature artist PetitPlat is crazy amazing.

So realistic, I still may try to eat those lemony cupcakes.

And look at the teeny weeny details of this sushi necklace:

I love this artist's work from geministudio. Especially this piece:

A little vintage, a little music, and a little greyhound.

We used to have a greyhound.

A retired racer that we adopted.

She was beautiful.

Her big brown eyes and fawn colored fur made her look like a doe.

Poor thing would hide in the bathroom all day.

Because she was afraid of shadows on the wall.

She was more neurotic than me.


The Colorful And The Impractical

Sweet Love weekend finds:

A vintage original paint by number painting.

The colors rock and fit well in my house. I so want to keep it.

Also found this:

A super silly, and very impractical dentist office purse from the 60s.

This solid wood purse doesn't really fit into my wardrobe style.

But I totally appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity.

In the shop soon!