New Prop Addition

Meet Salvador.

He's my new shop prop.

Look for him to appear in photos of items coming up.

He'll add some unexpected interest of the tacky but cool variety.

And a bit o' warm fuzzies.

Or, furries.

Now, meet Salvador's carcass:

He was my new shop prop.

And the culprit?

Bad dog.

Very. Bad. Dog.

At least I got a couple photos shot before Salvador plummeted into the jaws of death.


  1. He would have an innocent face like that.

    Oh dogs.

    Also, anticipating the skeleton key I just bought!

  2. He sure doesn't look like a cold hearted killer does he??? Probably why he is so effective.....Salvador never saw it coming. I'm sure it was a quick and painless death.

    R.I.P. Salvador.

  3. Oh no!! Salvador looked so nice too.

    I had a Schnauzer that loved stuffed toys too. He tore a teddy bear my aunt made when we were kids. She fixed him up and added a little purple heart patch to cover a wound on his foot.

  4. OMG!
    I didn't see THAT coming...
    never a dull moment, huh?

  5. oh god I've been there a least a half a dozen times to the umph degree.
    I have a basset hound and a jack russel tourist. They are both the dang cutest pains in the butts ever. So sorry about the lose!
    Thanks for the kindest words ever! Yes blogging and selling is impossibly draining... lol I am terrible at making sales so I guess I need to figure that part of things out. My hubby thinks my followers don't really care for the business side of me.
    I love your shop!!!! I wish I wasn't SOOOOO POOR! I just found out I have to spend my 6 months of savings on a dentist bill. Not fair that you have to pay for that much pain! Well hope your having a fab day!

    Chelsea Ann