Bucks on walls.

Uncool. In my opinion, of course.

Hubby loves to hunt and we have a preserved antelope head mount in our basement.

I should mention that the above is not Hubby in picture. Nor is it our basement.

I'm generally not attracted to the black-rectangular-mask-over-face-with-XL-overalls-that-takes-pics-of -self-with-favorite-deer-mounts type.

But I bet this guy would have an entertaining garage sale.

I see Hubby's antelope head as a decorating challenge that I will make look cool.

Somehow. Someday.

Maybe I'll mix up the antelope head with these ghost mounts from Pedlar's Webstore:

Totally cool.

And fish mounts? Gag.

Unless they are these:
I would love a Mahi dolphin bull fish or Sailfish mount.

I think they would look amazing in a well decorated room.

Plus they are nostalgic for me.

My Papa (grandpa) caught one of each in his young years in Florida and they were mounted up at his cabin in Forest Lake.

Which has long been sold. And the memory is so faint, but it is there.

And Papa has been gone for a long time.

He lived to be like, 96 or something.

He just died of plain 'ol age.

With plain 'ol good taste in design.


  1. I remember my Grampa having several mounted heads in his garage when I was very young, but Granny wouldn't let them in the house. There was also a bear rug; full head, claws and all in front of the fireplace. I thought it was cool at the time, but wouldn't have one in my house now. I also have this vague recollection of a distant Uncle that had a huge stuffed rattle snake on his TV.... now THAT freaked me out !

  2. the antelope heads- these could actually look cool