Wishes From Papa

A birthday letter to me from my Papa. (a.k.a. Grandpa)

Circa. 1975.

Sarah darling,

Papa's little girl, oh, how I love you.

And Papa would love to be with you on your birthday.

My little Sarah, Papa's dreaming of you.

Though you're many, many miles away.

Papa's little Sarah knows my heart beats true.

So my darling Happy Birthday.

And Papa is coming to be with your for Christmas.

Happy Birthday,


I love this letter.

I love his handwriting.

I love how he called me darling.

And as I typed it,

I noticed a similarity to my own staccato writing style.

Starting sentences with "and" and "so".

Today is my birthday.

I'm now 34 years older than when he wrote the letter.

Papa's heart still beats true for me.

Only now it's in spirit.


Mustache Madness

I'm mad for mustaches.

And coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.

Who knew mustaches could be so


Exception: Three whiskers on my own lip.

Ok, maybe five or six.

Here are some super nose beard finds on Etsy:

I think my cheap cabernet-in-a-box will taste that much better when I drink out of these glasses by breadandbadger:

Love this dude's handlebar from artist pamwishbow:

Hairy print of several styles by olerattlesnake:

Adorable crumb catcher ring by Isette:

Be cute and creative down south without a painful wax job. From undies:

I don't think I can resist not buying this t-shirt from theboldbanana:

Silly 'staches. Make me smile.