Mustache Madness

I'm mad for mustaches.

And coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.

Who knew mustaches could be so


Exception: Three whiskers on my own lip.

Ok, maybe five or six.

Here are some super nose beard finds on Etsy:

I think my cheap cabernet-in-a-box will taste that much better when I drink out of these glasses by breadandbadger:

Love this dude's handlebar from artist pamwishbow:

Hairy print of several styles by olerattlesnake:

Adorable crumb catcher ring by Isette:

Be cute and creative down south without a painful wax job. From undies:

I don't think I can resist not buying this t-shirt from theboldbanana:

Silly 'staches. Make me smile.


  1. I love love love that print! I'm a sucker for a fine moustache myself x

  2. ...I purchased a mustache mug for my hair-stylist recently-on etsy. She loves those handlebar staches ;)

    She actually has one tattoo'd on the side of her index finger, so when she holds her finger inder her nose it looks like she as one {lol} It's funny!