Check out this yummy treasury on Etsy featuring Sweet Love Vintage's funky retro lunch sign along with many other one-of-a-kind items!


For Grabs Or Keeps?

This amazing light up vintage globe is my latest favorite find.

I really want to keep it.

So does my 9 year old son.

But I say that about a lot of stuff.

There is a 92.8764% chance you'll see it in the shop soon.


Turn The Table

I want a vintage turntable.

I want to hear the faint crackle with the music.

I want a reason to buy the gobs of old (and cheap!) records I find on my outings.


I know nothing about electronics, and I really don't care to know anything about them.

I found a great article about finding and restoring old turntables and what to look for when buying them. And why vintage can be better than new.

How cute is this retro player for sale at vintage store Thrush:

Unfortunately, I can't afford the one below, but I'm dying for this silver turntable/sideboard/bar. This amazing sideboard is for sale by alananewhouse.

This is more like it.

Small, modern and ultra cool.


I love candy.

And pretty much any dessert on the planet.

As long as there is no coconut in it.

Coconut has this way of never leaving once it gets into your mouth.

It just hangs around, annoyingly.

Like that horrible song you get stuck in your head.

Yummy, colorful, coconut free, candy colored toys.

Watch for them in my shop!


Old School Radio Featured

This old school cassette player is featured in this Etsy Spotlight article, Play Hooky And Hit The Beach.
Check out all the other fun beach finds!


The Latest

The latest finds from the weekend:

I love the illustrations in old children's books. These books from the 60s are in near perfect condition. They look like they were never read.

I love the miniature and the oversized. Like the little chair above and the enormous spoon/fork below.

Loveable retro graphics on this party quiz book.
Look for these items soon in my shop!


The Babs Blog

A special thank you to a The Babs Blog for featuring The Dorothy Shoes from my shop!

Check it out and all the other fabulous things these 2 sisters feature for the inspired hostess!


Weekend Finds

Just a few of the many super cool things I found on the hunt this weekend:

I had to add a little Sweet Love color:

Speaking of color, another find:

Positively sure this 1950's creepy-clown-in-the-box would've given me night terrors as a child. Clowns really aren't my cup of tea, but this old toy still made me smile.

One of my fav finds was this large 1904 Edison light bulb. Simple things like this fascinate me. Even more so that something so fragile can last through the years, and still work.
That is, until I tried to take a photo of it and it blew.


Someone Please Help Me!


I am a disaster.

I am missing the part in my brain that tells me to put stuff away in an organized manner.

I am also missing the part in my brain that tells me to stop eating dessert.

I have tripped over my postage scale several times. Have I moved it? No.

This is my art/jewelry studio/photography studio/Sweet Love Vintage office/storage area.

And I keep bringing more stuff in.

Like these things that I found today:

Hot damn I love color.

Can you tell?

I am peeing my pants with excitement over these:

In my shop soon........