Damn I'm Good

I didn't do much treasure hunting this week.

Been so busy shuffling kids to activities and taking them to the pool.

I hit a couple hot spots and found some cool things for the shop.

A sampling of Sweet Love finds:

Damn I'm good.


Blogs And Baby Blue

I have to admit I get so freakin' happy when someone blogs about my shop.

Crocodile Tears blog had such a nice write up about Sweet Love Vintage this week.

I love getting feedback and knowing people enjoy perusing my shop.

The link love is so appreciated!

On another note, I got a little too spray paint crazy recently......

This old camera looks delicious in baby blue.


Terrarium Central

This little vintage rooster cake pick needed a home.

So I made a little live moss terrarium last weekend to house him:

I gave it to a friend for letting me steal moss from her backyard.

And pebbles from underneath her swingset.

I also made a terrarium for my dad for Father's Day.

And one for myself with a vintage clown head cake pick.

(What can I say, I like the unexpected.)

I know my sister in NYC is going to be begging me for it.

She has a thing for circus paraphernalia.

After all, she attended Coney Island Sideshow School.

It would look perfect in her NY apartment.

So it's all hers if she wants it.


A Fantastic Blog To Share

Check out The Fab Miss B Blog featuring these horse bookends in my shop. A blog worth following for creative inspiration.

Thanks Miss Becky!


Garden Art

I was having fun with some new spraypaint colors and painted the ends of these old brass skewers or pokers of some sort.

They make great garden art and they might end up in the shop.

I originally acquired them for Sweet Love Vintage but my bored plant is fighting me for them.


A Fellow Packrat

I found this killer antique Van Gogh book at an unbelievable estate sale last weekend.

It was so amazing, I went twice.

It turns out that it was the estate of my 9th grade English teacher, Ms. Mac.

Ms. Mac was.........different. I can't quite remember her as a teacher, as English was not my favorite subject, but I do remember many students thought she was a bit odd.

I could tell by her estate that she was an incredible and extremely interesting person.

I was taken aback by her appreciation for the arts, and her own creativity displayed through her quaint, eclectic, and artful home in the middle of the woods.

She was also clearly a packrat. She appeared to have saved everything.

Like little cracker jack toys and valentines from when she was a little girl.

She had a small library in the house that I spent over an hour perusing and picked out about 5 books to put in the shop.

Or keep.

Like Ms. Mac, I am also a packrat.

I do make several trips to Goodwill to donate things of typical household nature, like clothing, housewares and toys.

But, I tend to acquire and hang on to the things that I might be able to use creatively or decoratively.

Like the old rusty door parts I found and made into jewelry.

Hubby was going to throw out the other parts.

"NO!!!" I said. Or yelled. "I can use these. I want to learn how to weld."

And I am going to do something with those bowling balls someday.

And I really want to turn that antique red television into a side table.

And I know I can use those board games and pieces in my art.

He doesn't like that I want to save everything. I understand. It's totally annoying to see all the stuff I hoard that I might "make into something" someday.

But, it's who I am.

I get you Ms. Mac.


Apartment 528 Link Love

Apartment 528 blog said the sweetest things about SLV!!!!

Check out the link love and all of Design Girl's other great blog posts.

She is one cool chick.


Nostalgic Music

Tom Waits.

A musician I am becoming obsessed with.

I can't believe his first record was released the year I was born.

And I only recently discovered him.

I think he is a brilliant artist.

I love how nostalgic his music feels.

How his smokey, grovely voice sounds.

How bizarre and creative his lyrics are.

How he doesn't really fit into any specific music genre.

He is truly his own.

Listening to him inspired me to dig through my studio for old junk.

I took apart a bunch of vintage junky costume jewelry and combined it with some rusty stuff.
Like an old skeleton key and parts from old doors:

And a keyhole:

And my favorite flower.

The daisy.

Sweet. Simple. And they come in every color.

I took this old enamel daisy brooch and made it over into a choker necklace.

It will look sweet with my Hanes wife beater tank!

I bet Tom Waits wears Hanes too.



Sweet Love find from last weekend.......

I think these vintage cameras would look amazing as a group on floating shelves.

Of course I'm tempted to keep them.

And I know exactly where they would go.

Watch for them in the shop........


Planters On The Cheap

2 vintage and rusted milk containers. $4
+ 2 four packs of sale flowers $3.20
+ a tad bit of elbow grease nailing holes in tops of containers for drainage.
= 2 cute planters for under 8 bucks.