Nostalgic Music

Tom Waits.

A musician I am becoming obsessed with.

I can't believe his first record was released the year I was born.

And I only recently discovered him.

I think he is a brilliant artist.

I love how nostalgic his music feels.

How his smokey, grovely voice sounds.

How bizarre and creative his lyrics are.

How he doesn't really fit into any specific music genre.

He is truly his own.

Listening to him inspired me to dig through my studio for old junk.

I took apart a bunch of vintage junky costume jewelry and combined it with some rusty stuff.
Like an old skeleton key and parts from old doors:

And a keyhole:

And my favorite flower.

The daisy.

Sweet. Simple. And they come in every color.

I took this old enamel daisy brooch and made it over into a choker necklace.

It will look sweet with my Hanes wife beater tank!

I bet Tom Waits wears Hanes too.

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  1. I bet you love "I don't wanna grow up"--that is one of my favorites-- listening to him on that track. I totally love his voice too--it's like sinking deep into a deep bubble bath and hearing his croning underwater. Silky smooth as gravel. ;) I love your blog!