Hey Feb roo ary. Where'd you go?

Here it's the last day of February and I haven't posted a single entry.

On the 14th I had a whole entry written about Valentine's Day.

How I love romance.

Just not the expected predictable kind. I crave think-out-of-the-box kind.

I'll even settle for the empty-the-dishwasher-without-me-asking kind.

When I read my entry it was so boring.

I was forcing it. The writing.


I am so not a writer.

When I try to write an actual paragraph, it's like a chaotic mess of letters.

Like Campbell's Alphabet Soup was dumped in my brain.

Then overcooked.

It's hard for me to get my thoughts out into paragraph form.

This is how my creative brain works.

My right brain. I'm super right brained.

In fact, this test says I'm 72% right brained.


How I feel when I have so many ideas in right brain.

When I can't concentrate because of them.

Pulling me.


Sometimes I love to feel lost.

I love getting lost in the arts.

This artist's work makes me feel like I'm lost in a world of organic, amoeba-like, science fiction.

Allusion print by Yellena.

I love to get lost perusing the aisles in an antique shop.

To be lost in imagination. Making up stories in my head about the old stuff.

I bet this vintage monkey creep has a great story on how he lost his eye. By Plundered.

I love to get lost in music. As long as it's not country or Meatloaf.

Music is my little ear vacay to paradise.

Sometimes my soul goes along for the ride.

Gonna go to bed now.

Gonna go to bed and hopefully get lost in sweet dreams.

Meatloaf and his mullet are not invited.