Top Three Tuesday

Sweet Love Vintage is happy.

So is this stogie lovin' old lady.

Thanks to a fun and inspiring blog, Our Designed Life.

Sweet Love was featured as as one of their Top Three Tuesday features.



Junk Bonanza

Went to this thing.

This Junk Bonanza in big buildings. Times 3.

I was with 2 girlfriends who are so much fun and appreciate old stuff like me.

Oodles and oodles of rust, chipped paint, vivid colors.

Fueling more ideas than I can fit in my creative brain.

One of the vendors there could have been Sweet Love's twin.

This vendor obviously shared the same love of colorful vintage and graphics as I do:

There was one big problem.

There was no thrill.

All the stuff was very cool, but there was no score moment.

No searching through miscellany and finding that special thing you would never expect.

No element of surprise.

No heart beat skips.

I found a couple cool things that I will use in my art endeavors.

And a couple things for the shop.

So it was more of fun girls getaway day that I really needed.

Fast forward to next day:

I find several cool things garage saling.

My favorite?

This rusty metal lunchbox filled with old jars at a local garage sale:

And it has a story. I love the story.

This sweet elderly lady and I get to talkin' and talkin'.

This lunchbox takes her back in time.

Her husband worked for 3M from 1950s-1970s.

He worked in the graphics department so he would stick the newest 3M decals on his lunchbox.

He took his lunch in that lunchbox every single day.

He even had to re-do the handle as it broke. So now it's white plastic.

She packed his lunch for him like a decent 50s housewife would.

One day she packed 2 hard boiled eggs in one of the glass jars.

Later that day she had to go to the hospital.

Eggs gave him botulism.

She laughs as she tells the story, so he was fine.

I love the story.

And hard boiled eggs too.


Blog Love

Thanks to the blog Paper Cakes Finds for featuring Sweet Love on their most recent post on Asian chic finds.

Some more Asian inspired eye candy from Etsy:

Amazing platform bed by AttilaDesign.
Delicious clutch by JuliaSherryDesigns:

Fun place card settings from DivineLionesss:

Happy Monday!


Boot Love

I'm having a love affair with these vintage turquoise suede boots.

They are not going in the shop.


Not until I wear 'em a few times.

There is something about them that I just love.

The unexpected pop of turquoise blue with a neutral outfit.

I don't have much for options in the color boot department.

Other than the red cowboy boots I got for 50 cents at a garage sale.

I have been dying for a pair of Frye boots for about 2 years now.

Frye rocks. Best American made boots ever.

But even vintage ones on ebay sell for hundreds.

And the new ones I want are 300-$350 bucks.

So it's not happening.

But if I hold out long enough,

and think about it hard enough,


just maybe,

I'll find some thrifting or garagin'.

Some more boot kickin' eye candy from Etsy:

from Selvage Boutique. It's a good thing they are too small or it may have been an impulse buy. If you are a tiny fairy and have 6.5 feet, these sassy vintage boots can be yours for $138. Would be so cool with skinny jeans and a plain 'ol tank.

Another amazing pair from DearGolden:

And these are by Frye. But again, for fairy feet. Size 6.5. $135.


I keep thinking,

and thinking,

about Frye boots.

And today I found a pair at a garage sale!

For a dollar.

But they were mens and way to big for me.

On the plus side it just shows my law of attraction is starting to work!

In a half-ass sort of way.


Lovin' The Cock

Most definitely the cutest cock I've ever come across.

And this cock has no expectations.

He just wants to please you by sitting and looking handsome. Pure eye candy.

No sassy talk, whining, or begging.

You will not hear, "But Honey, I haven't pecked at your corn for a whole week! I need corn! Need it now! Please can I peck at your corn? Even just a quickie peck? I don't wanna peck it myself."

And he's definitely got wood all the time.


Some funky, painted, folk art style wood.

I have fallen in love with this adorable cock.

And he will, eventually, groove his way into the shop soon.

But he does come with some baggage.

You can read it in his booklet titled, "The Legend Of The Cock".

Cock. A Doodle. Doo.


Shout Out

A special shout out to Amy at Aqua Velvet for featuring me on her blog with this perfectly retro photo composition of items for sale at my shop:

Be sure to check out the Aqua Velvet blog for fantastic graphic design, illustration and artful inspiration!

The blog is designed by Amy Henderson, a very talented designer/illustrator who shares my obsession for vintage typography and doodling.

Here are some of her amazing works of art for sale at her shop:


Ugly Love Tuesday

It's time for some Ugly Love.

Vintage, that is:

A very nauseating lamp.

With a what I think is a roadrunner.

Meep. Meep.

Wile E. Coyote should have this lamp.

It would look fantastic on his anvil nightstand.

Next to his Acme harpoon gun.

Maybe every Tuesday should be Ugly Love Tuesday.

But that would stress me out.

I'd have a deadline.

Every Tuesday.

And what if I didn't find something?

Plus it would be so predictable.

Wouldn't it be more fun to be surprised by the occasional dose of Ugly Love?

Meep. Meep.