Ugly Love Vintage

A special thanks to The Estate Of Things blog for featuring Sweet Love as Etsy Seller of The Week!!!

On an ugly note, I have to confess my love for horrendous vintage paraphernalia.

I'm not talking so ugly that it's cool.

I'm talking so ugly that it's ugly.

So ugly it would make the offspring of Steve Buscemi and Liza Minnelli look adorable.

So ugly it makes me stop in my tracks in aisle ten of Value Thrift and say,

"Oh. My. God. What. Is. That?"

Things that make me internally giggle and wonder what kind of person actually had that in their house.

Like this perfectly romantic 25th anniversary gift......

To truly appreciate it's ugliness, here are a few close ups:

Ahhhhhh, realistic plastic animals in a forest of fake flowers and moss.

Mr. Owl, how fierce you look with your wings spread like that. Are you about to go after the mouse and squirrel that are the same size as you?

Then the soft side of me comes in. The side of me that will carry a spider found inside the house to the backyard because I don't want to kill it.

"Awwwwww, someone took the time to make this! How did they get everything inside? They must have cut the glass on bottom. Or maybe they have very very tiny hands. It's fascinating when you really think about it. The most meaningful gifts are the handmade ones and this needs a home which is not a dumpster. Someone out there has to appreciate the hilarity of something like this. Or at least want it for a gag gift."

Which leads me to wonder.....

Is there a market for ugly things?

This can't go in the Sweet Love Vintage shop. I have a certain look going on there. The ugly that occasionally shows up there is the "it's so ugly it's cool" stuff. And this does not qualify.

Maybe SLV needs a sister shop on Etsy. Sweet Love Vintage's ugly step-sister.

Ugly Love Vintage.

But then it would need it's own blog.

And I can't even keep up with my art blog. Of course making time to finish another piece of art would help.

Ugly Love Vintage. Could be fun. And funny. And ugly.


  1. YOU CRACK ME UP!!! and yes i have to agree that is ugly but i do wonder also how it gets made and WHO would want it!!! there is someone out there!!!:) have a great day!!!

  2. Oh, I know what you mean. Every once in a while I come across something so odd and ugly that I just have to buy it. Then I bring it home and scare my family with it for a while. Sometimes I think I should have gone into archeology . . .

  3. You are too funny. I really like your blog thus far and plan to check back again!

  4. Oh my god. Its like Disney in a Jug.

  5. why oh why??....sadly, I'm too familiar with the lure of the ug. It is possible to talk yourself into loving anything.

  6. That is ugly with a capital "U" and I understand the need to possess it. In fact, I have an item listed in my Etsy store that rivals that of your "Jar of Wonder"; my ugly is the "Heavily Moustached Pretzel Vendor".

    In fact, I think you are on to something here....it would be interesting to arrange a contest to see who out there has the ugliest something.

    You game???