Bus Love

My favorite find of the week:

A ginormous old school bus sign.

Reminds me of riding the bus in Kindergarten.

I loved riding the bus. Even though it was a long ride and I was the very last one off.

I couldn't wait to get home every day to watch "Little House On The Prairie"

I had such a crush on Albert.

And then there was Mrs. Fry, my bus driver.

The sweetest little lady ever.

She never let anyone sit in the last two rows.

Because she thought we'd fall out of the emergency exit.

Mrs. Fry called me Dolly.

Every day.

When it was my stop, she would say,

"Bye, Dolly!"

And she only said it to me.

It was fun being Mrs. Fry's favorite.

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  1. was just at your etsy- love your shop- added it to my favs. I will def feature at the blog sometime soon!