Up Northsville

Went up north last weekend over the 4th to go camping with family.

It was a great family vacation.

Except for one thing.

There were at least 80 garage sale signs on the way up.

And Hubby wouldn't stop.

It was killing me. I find the best stuff in the middle of Nowheresville.

3 hours later, we arrived in Up Northsville, Wisconsin.

This town has an annual 4th of July Parade.

So much candy. The kids were so happy.

And only in a very small town do you actually witness a couple getting married in the parade:

As part of the parade.

So cheesy romantic.

Made me smile.

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  1. Hi.

    I just discovered your fabulous shop on Etsy and now have giggled my way through your blog.

    Glad to have found you.

    Mary Grace
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