Someone Please Help Me!


I am a disaster.

I am missing the part in my brain that tells me to put stuff away in an organized manner.

I am also missing the part in my brain that tells me to stop eating dessert.

I have tripped over my postage scale several times. Have I moved it? No.

This is my art/jewelry studio/photography studio/Sweet Love Vintage office/storage area.

And I keep bringing more stuff in.

Like these things that I found today:

Hot damn I love color.

Can you tell?

I am peeing my pants with excitement over these:

In my shop soon........

1 comment:

  1. (think my original comment was lost in the ether) --

    In your "disaster" photo I immediately zeroed in on the beautiful blue pieces: the train case & the blue mugs on the floor! Also, the antique car glasses are like the "on the rocks" ones that my parents have & used during their cocktail parties in the early '70s. Thanks for reminding me of them. :)