A Very Eclectic Girl

I am not a matchy girl.

I've never been one to purchase the 7 piece set from Slumberland including matching lamps. Way too predictable for me. And I definitely don't want my house to look exactly like a page out of The Pottery Barn catalog. Don't get me wrong, Pottery Barn is great and I own a couple things from there. Key word: couple.

Combining styles along with vintage/new pieces has always been my thing. Interior design & decorating have long been a passion of mine. (I am also an artist and crafty girl, so this fits right in with what my brain craves.)

I also consider myself lucky that Hubby lets me make the decisions in the decorating department. (Thank God, or we would have a rugged-dead-animals-and-stuffed-fish-on-the-wall-with-the-Slumberland-matching-7-piece-set-and-deer-antler-chandelier living room). However, he usually freaks out when I lug home a "new" piece of furniture that in his mind is ugly. He has a hard time looking outside the box, but once I put it all together he is usually happy with the result.

Except that one time I turned an antique chicken coop into a coffee table.

There has never been gobs of disposable income in our house so I have to get creative. I'm not complaining - it's fun to challenge myself to make a room look good on a major budget.

Take our dining room for instance:

The only things purchased new were the rug (West Elm), the throw pillows and the centerpiece.

  • Black vintage 1969 modern line sofa: Thrifted

  • Mid century modern chrome base table with wood top: Craigslist

  • Vintage chairs: Craigslist - paid for the table to go with them but didn't take it. Too matchy. The chairs were boring brown wood with horrid covers but they had awesome lines. I painted them with a few cans of white spray paint and recovered the pads with black easy-to-wipe vinyl from Wal-Mart.

  • Vintage geranium placemats: Thrifted and for sale in my shop!


  1. Sarah,
    I LOVE your new blog!!! I will follow this too!! Jody told me you were starting a store!! Good for you!! Thank you for naming my quilts!!!!!!!! I LOVE the names!!!! I would love to get together and work on something for Simons room. Let me know!