Turn The Table

I want a vintage turntable.

I want to hear the faint crackle with the music.

I want a reason to buy the gobs of old (and cheap!) records I find on my outings.


I know nothing about electronics, and I really don't care to know anything about them.

I found a great article about finding and restoring old turntables and what to look for when buying them. And why vintage can be better than new.

How cute is this retro player for sale at vintage store Thrush:

Unfortunately, I can't afford the one below, but I'm dying for this silver turntable/sideboard/bar. This amazing sideboard is for sale by alananewhouse.

This is more like it.

Small, modern and ultra cool.

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  1. I grew up with an old record player like the one you just found!!!! Mine was blue I think!!!! I LOVE 45's!!! My dad (now sister) has the old ones we used to listen to!!! How VERY FUN!!!!!!!