Sweet Love Vintage has it's first stalker!

Hold your excitement.

It's only me.

I stalk myself.

Yep. Every day.


I type SweetLoveVintage in a google search and see what people are sayin'. If anything.

On a recent stalk I found this from blogger Selling Vintage,

"And then there's the quirky blog of Sweet Love Vintage. This girl is just adorable with her writing, really you can't help but love Sweet Love Vintage."


Someone thinks my writing is quirky and adorable?

I feel like my choppy writing style is like my mind.

A bit neurotic.

I suppose one could view that as quirky.

But adorable? Not so sure.

Now, this is adorable:

I so want to sandwich myself between these pb & j pillows from Etsy shop diffractionfiber.

Some more things I want from the talented world of Etsy:

This rockin' t-shirt featuring my favorite band of all time. From hellhoundvintage.

I also want to put this Command Z necklace around my neck. From Plastique:

I hit the Command Z button on my Mac on a regular basis.

I also wish I could hit the button and undo things not computer related.

Like when I eat several cupcakes in one sitting.

Command Z.

Speaking of cupcakes......

This Etsy miniature artist PetitPlat is crazy amazing.

So realistic, I still may try to eat those lemony cupcakes.

And look at the teeny weeny details of this sushi necklace:

I love this artist's work from geministudio. Especially this piece:

A little vintage, a little music, and a little greyhound.

We used to have a greyhound.

A retired racer that we adopted.

She was beautiful.

Her big brown eyes and fawn colored fur made her look like a doe.

Poor thing would hide in the bathroom all day.

Because she was afraid of shadows on the wall.

She was more neurotic than me.


  1. I also stalk you.....but not to scare you. I stalk to learn from you. You are hugely (and rightfully so) talented. Come on, can't you sprinkle some of that talent around????

    Send some of it to the West Coast of Canada, please?

  2. If you haven't done it already, you can save your search on your feed reader and it will notify you when your fans have been talking.