Damn Stinkin' Chairs

This damn stinkin' chair.

I love this chair.

I have a thing for chairs in general. Vintage ones.

I lugged this one home a while ago and can't find room for it.

I've been walking around it, stubbing my toes on it, and moving it from room to room.

Apparently stubbing my toes on one chair that I didn't need wasn't enough.

So I brought home this chair 2 days ago:

So awesome. So Anthropologie.

Except Anthropologie would have a price tag of $899.

Of course I can't find a spot for it.

And I've been walking around it.

And stubbing my toes on it.

Damn stinkin' chairs.


  1. ...maybe you need to open a Bricks & Mortar store next, for all the toe bashing furniture...

    it is pretty nice though; the freedom of online selling. I doubt I could ever undertake having a real store!

  2. the regards to the first red chair - my great grandma had 2 of these exact chairs but in a robins egg blue...when she moved out of the house my aunt and I took them and are affectionately stubbing our toes on them as well!

  3. I feel your pain...stopped by Habitat for Humanity Restore yesterday..did you know that place is like a thrift store?!!!

    Thought of you and purchased the coolest chair for five bucks...it's sitting on my carport...maybe we could hang them on the walls.

  4. I'm the same way. I have two gorgeous teak chairs that I got for $10 total...the lady who sold them to me must have been off her rocker that day! I have absolutely no place for them so I keep placing them in odd places around the house. My fiance thinks I'm crazy!

    Maybe we'll see these chairs pop up in the Sweet Love Vintage Shop!