First Born Curious. The End.

I excel in procrastinating.

I also excel in obsessively working on a task until complete.

Once I decide to get 'er done.

(Larry the Cable Guy is way overrated. As is his overdone phrase I used annoyingly above.)

Here is the final product of my almost-10-year-old-curious-boy's-bedroom:

Probably the only time it will be a nicely made bed.

Curious and I both stinkaroo at bed making. Workin on it.

Well, he is. Me? Not so much.

I've never really understood the art of daily bed making.

Someday I'd like to learn it. But I've got better things to do for now.

Painted a section of black wall behind the bed to ground it in the room.

Added an old barnwood frame with a display of curiosities.

Wrote some random words around the perimeter of the paint with white chalk.

Next to the bed he has lots of places to store his gatherings:

A view directly across from the bed. His coin collecting desk area.

His favorite coins went into plain frames that he can easily access.

Fake wood clipboards are the el-cheapo version to display stuff.

No need for an expensive built-in window seat.

A set of wood and metal schoolhouse chairs does the job. Scored the whole set for $10:

His collections and curiosities are displayed on the black shelves in front of the black window wall. I wanted it dark so the objects would pop.

The 6 foot antique snakeskin mount became an unusual window dressing.

Not my original plan, but not planning is typical for me.

So is spilling food on myself daily.

I adhered vintage game cards around the window trim and Mr. Puffer hangs from Mr. Snake.

Last, but not least...

This is for the peeps who thought there's no way an old elk leg could look cool:

I know you're out there. And you still may not think dat's cool.

It's okay because I like it. Plus Curious is the only one I need to please.

And Curious loves it.

His room.

All of it.


  1. That's fantastic, Sarah!!! Totally unique, beautiful, and perfect for the lucky boy who gets to sleep in it. I'm going to show my boy and see if NOW he'll let me part with the 10-year-old bedspread! If so, I may be calling you for ideas...

  2. LOve it Sarah!! You are sooooooo talented. Want to come over and re-decorate my 11 yr. olds room?? And I get to say that I was present for the purchasing of the elk leg. You rock, girl!!


  3. Who needs Pottery Barn when you are around... you should be giving them some ideas! WOW! Super Cool!!! You always amaze me with your creativity! Maybe if I hang around you more often some of it will ooze into me? LOLOL!! Will have to pop in and see it in person soon.

  4. Would it be weird for a 34 year-old woman to ask your (almost) 10 year old son to marry me so I can share his room with him? No? Perfect! I'll move in tomorrow!

  5. ... such a wonderful room for a little boy. definitely displays his character!

    so lovely!

  6. Those school chairs rock!
    Fantabulous layout . . .

  7. Awesomeness! Love the colors! I am making a mental note of the colors so that my son finally receives his handmedown stripey whitney blanket I will have my palette at hand.

  8. That room is amazing, you did a fantastic job!!!

  9. This is by far the coolest boy's room I have ever seen.

    I found your blog through your Etsy shop...and I really want that Raccoon Pull Toy and am biting my lip thinking about it.

    You have amazing and excellent gathering/collecting taste! Please come decorate my house!

  10. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR ! ! ! This room is flat out AMAZING.....love all of the details and for sure dig the fact that "Curious" has lots of places to store his finds. I have a little 9-year-old "Curious" myself who would just find this room and never leave! Well done....well done!

  11. awesome job!!! this room is exactly my brain. very much what i would do. totally embodies a little boy! i keep meaning to post my son's nursery and you just made me pick up my camera. visit my blog www.manmadesole.blogspot.com

  12. BEST. Kids. room. EVER!!!! Fantastic! Well done!

  13. Wow, this room is beautiful!!!!!!!! It's spectacular actually, I heart it so much.
    It's a real room to inspire collecting more things as you grow up to adapt to his age as well. I just totally LOVE it.