Been feverishly working on his bedroom.

Curious. That kid. His room.

Still have some details to add.

But here is a wee peek. Pillow's eye view:

And a teeny peek next to his bed:

I always wanted to do something with that vintage red television I lugged home eons ago.

Didn't let Curious see the room for a couple days. Wanted to surprise him.

He couldn't hold out any longer so I caved.

I couldn't take the whining anymore.

He said, "Oh my gosh! It's nothing like I imagined it would be!"

I said, "Is it better or worse than you thought?"

Internally freaking out. What if he hates this???

"Way better!"


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  1. too cute...now I have to go find a vintage tv for next to nothing so I can do this..

    thanks for sharing